Photo of Sarah Hertel-Fernandez in front of bookshelf.

Sarah Hertel-Fernandez

Our library director is Sarah Hertel-Fernandez. She loves public libraries for their radical potential to make information, entertainment, and instruction free for everyone.

You’ll also find Irene Branson and Sherrie Scott at the library, serving out generous helpings of expertise and good cheer. What do they enjoy most about the library?


Irene Branson

Irene says, “I enjoy seeing how friends and neighbors connect at the library.  People use the library’s services to locate a wide variety of information and entertainment items.  Joining the CWMARS collaborative has made a powerful difference in how much we have available for patrons.  Still, the majority seems to truly love browsing the “new book” table and the shelves–so do I!”

Sherrie offers a one-liner that sums it all up: I just love the patrons!”